Key in the Lock

HUD Homes

A HUD Home is an FHA insured mortgage that has gone into default. The lender acquires property, submits FHA insurance claim, then conveys ownership to HUD. HUD will then sell the home through their Asset Manager (AM) who coordinates.

Owner Occupant Opportunities

All HUD properties are listed in an Exclusive Listing Period for owner-occupant purchasers only.  An owner-occupant purchaser must live in the property as their primary residence for 12 months after closing and may not have purchased a HUD property within the last 24 months. 

FHA 203(b) Repair Escrow

A FHA 203(b) Repair Escrow loan provides qualified purchasers with the ability to add up to $10,000 for needed property repairs to their mortgage for completion after closing.  

As-Is Policy

All HUD properties are sold in their As-Is condition and HUD does not make any repairs nor allow the purchaser to make any repairs prior to closing. 

Online Bidding

All HUD properties are listed on and an offer can be placed on your behalf by a HUD registered Real Estate Agent.  If you do not have an agent, a list of registered agents can be located on the website. 

Chronos Solutions

HUD Asset Manager

Chronos Solutions, LLC is an Asset Manager contractor for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Since 2010 we have marketed and closed more then 94,000 HUD properties across the nation.